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Microsoft SC-900 Exam: Benefits And Strategies For Success


The Microsoft SC-900 exam is useful for upgrading your IT skills. It is quite an easy exam to clear, provided you have the right study strategy in place. 

Here is a comprehensive guide to tell you all about the Microsoft SC-900 exam so that you can take ignorance out of the equation and formulate a game plan to increase your chances of completing your assessment.

What Is The Microsoft SC-900 Exam?

The Microsoft SC- 900 Exam aims to evaluate your knowledge of the fundamentals of Microsoft Security, Compliance and Identity (SCI) about all Microsoft services, including cloud services. The SC-900 exam determines your mastery of the theoretical concepts of

  • Microsoft security, compliance and identity (10% to 15% of the assessment)
  • Microsoft Identity and Access Management Solutions (30% to 35% of the assessment)
  • Microsoft security solutions (35% to 40% of the assessment)
  • Microsoft compliance solutions (25% to 30% of the assessment)

How Can The Microsoft SC-900 Exam Benefit You

The SC-900 is quite a popular course, especially amongst IT enthusiasts. You should consider obtaining a certification in the Microsoft SCI package, such as

  • Clearing the SC-900 exam earns you the coveted Microsoft Certified: Security, Compliance, and Identity (SCI) certificate. 
  • The SC-900 is a foundation-level course, so it is a certification that allows you to be eligible for more advanced Microsoft courses that you may be interested in, which could help you improve your career prospects.
  • Completing the SC-900 will equip you with a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 and how they influence cloud security solutions. So, even if you fail your exam, this course would still put you in a superior position to understand when to switch to cloud computing to store data.
  • Cloud security is an industry buzzword now; qualifying this domain gives you great scope for securing a good-paying job. Employers seek out employees who can show proof of their skills. A Microsoft certification will give you an edge against the hundreds of IT-qualified job-seekers to prove your specific, employable IT mettle to any potential employer.
  • If you are an entrepreneur, organisational head or in charge of a company’s data security systems, then training for the SC-900 enables you to properly understand and micromanage the cloud security systems put in place by the security solutions architects and analysts you hire to get the best out of them.
  • The SC-900 course is a useful tool to add to your managerial toolkit. It will furnish you with the tech-savvy skills needed to conduct business with your clients and other stakeholders who are increasingly more aware of technology such as cloud computing services.

The Blueprint for Success 

There are many resources available online on the Microsoft SC-900 exams that you can use to formulate your study strategy. However, the best approach would be to sign up with an IT course provider who will create a comprehensive strategy to ace your SC-900 exams.

With such a platform, you will have unlimited access to the right study materials, guides, tutors, and exam reviews to help you thoroughly prepare for your SC-900 exam.

SC-900 Difficulty Level

The SC-900 is at a fundamental or beginner level of difficulty, so from whatever academic background you are from, you only need a general idea of the basics of information technology, cloud computing, and Microsoft services such as Microsoft Azure and 365, to be eligible to take up this course. The course material will give you a thorough perspective into Microsoft security systems, with a special focus on cloud security. 

The exam will also be at the beginner level of difficulty. So as long as you diligently pay attention to the course material, you can pass the exam easily.

SC-900 Exam Format 

As they say, practice makes a man perfect. Knowing the regular exam paper format can help you understand which parts of the syllabus to focus on while giving you a question pattern to practise.

You will be given 65 minutes to answer 40 to 60 questions, including multiple-choice, true/false, and case studies. Make sure you take several practice tests available online or provided by IT study solutions providers. This will help eliminate any anxiety you feel over your performance and give you ample time to work out the areas of the subject matter that you have difficulty understanding.

The exam will cost you about Rs.3697 plus taxes. However, as Microsoft certifications have life-long validity, you never have to update them.


So whether you are a new IT professional seeking to enter the domain of cloud computing, a seasoned cyber security professional or business owner in the industry, or even a layperson end-user of Microsoft cloud services, training in SC-900 will do you a world of good. Moreover, with a proper strategy to get the results you seek, you can easily ace the exam and enhance your career prospects.


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