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Miscreants Harass Couples in Tamil Nadu’s Vellore, Muslim Women to Remove Burqa


There is a video that is getting too much attention on the internet and social media platforms and this video shows miscreants harassing unmarried couples. It is coming out that multiple couples were harassed by miscreants who asked women if they are different in their religion from their partner. This news is getting huge attention on the internet and platforms of social media and this harassment incident attracting the interest of many people and netizens. Here, we made an article in which we share the complete information and also talk about some more important points related to this incident, so scroll down and read continuously.

Miscreants Harass Couples

As per the exclusive news and information, multiple unmarried couples were harassed by miscreants and the miscreants also demanded the women remove their burqas. This harassing incident happened in the Vellore district of the South Indian state, Tamil Nadu, and this complete incident was captured by one of the miscreants, who also posted the video of this incident on social media pages. There is an investigation has also begun and in this investigation upon being questioned by one woman then she shared that the miscreants were not related to the woman but had objections if they roamed around in a burqa with men who were belonging to different religions.

Miscreants Harass Couples in Tamil Nadu’s Vellore

According to the reports, the miscreants also said that if they are in love with each other then should get married immediately. One more same incident was also seen in Vellore wherein another gang was seen harassing three couples and they also posted this video on Facebook. People arrived at the Vellore police department over such an incident in the city and later stated a statement on 22 March 2023 related to this harassing incident they arrested one person who uploaded the video on social media and charged him with cyberbullying and action was also taken against of those who uploaded the video online.

These videos are not uploaded with the couple’s permission, so they requested to don’t share these videos and currently, these videos are running on the top of the internet and social media pages. The police also warned of serious actions against anyone who attempts to make videos of this kind of content on social media platforms. Many of these kinds of videos are uploaded every day with the name of prank but the content of these videos isn’t to disrespect someone. Stay tuned to socialtelecast.com to read more articles on other exciting news topics and the latest news.


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