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Missing: 2-year-old Oklahoma Girl Found in Drawer at Indiana Home, Two Charged


The  Hilarious and terrifying news which getting circulated and spreading all over the net. When you read about this you also will be shocked and think that how can a mother do this to her child? yes, you heard right a mother did cruelty to her own child and played a victim also and mislead the officers. You also will be scared and shocked that how can a mother do this to her own child who was a part of her and even not see the world yet. To know more about this case please scroll down the page and continue to read.

2-year-old Oklahoma Girl Found

The 2-year-old girl was found in a dresser drawer at an abandoned home in Indiana who missing for months. Olakhama girl who was missing for months found dead in the dresser of an Abandoned home. According to the investigators, Marshall who is the mother of this 2-year-old girl hysterically and sobbed when she was led to the officers in an abandoned house in Morgantown where they found this dead girl in a dresser drawer. The girl’s body was decomposed only long blonde hair appeared.

2-year-old Oklahoma Girl Found in Drawer

The mother whose name is Marshall and his Boyfriend killed the 2-year-old girl whose name was Oaklee Mae Snow and hid her body in a dresser in a home in Morgantown which half-hour far from the South of Indianapolis. According to the officials,   Her father said law enforcement in Seminole County that Marshall and Waters who is her boyfriend of Marshall took the children from his home without authorization and try to run away with her boyfriend’s family.

Waters told his mother that he and Marshall had to take Oaklees to the emergency room after she fell and get injured that’s why they left the boy and his mother and relative believed him and get worried for a girl. According to the initials, The resident saw a blanket that looked like a child was wrapped in a blanket and the child did not cry or move. Marshall and Waters then left Indiana and went to Colorado, according to authorities.

Waters was arrested in Colorado on March 3, but Marshall was not with him, and no child was found at the motel where he was arrested. According to the reports, Waters and Marshall will face many charges including misleading the officers, murder, and child abuse. For more updates follow us and stay with social telecast.


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