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Missing Chad Denzler: What Happened To Hancock County Man? Last Seen On Monday


There is news flowing on the top of the internet related to the missing of Chad Denzler since Monday 2 January 2023. He was a resident of New Palestine, Indiana and his missing news went viral. Now the Department of Hancock County Sheriff is requesting the assistance of people in finding him. This is a piece of shocking news for his family and friends who are very sad about his missing. In this article, we are going to discuss some information about him and what happened to him when this missing incident occurred.

Missing Chad Denzler What Happened To Hancock County Man

Missing Chad Denzler: What Happened To Hancock County Man?

According to the sources, He was last seen leaving his house and waking around from his house at around 9:30 pm on Monday. He left his house after becoming upset at home on foot in New Pal. He was a resident of Denzler on South Havens Drive in Sugar Creek Township. Police didn’t have more information about him and they continue searching for him. According to police, He hasn’t made any connection to his family or close friends. There is not much information available related to his missing incident.

Who Is Chad Denzler?

If we talk about his personal details that he was around 6 foot 2/3 and had a slim body. He recently got married to Amanda Denzler and his wife also requesting for help in finding him by sharing this missing news on her social media pages. She defines all information in that message and requests to search her husband where the police are also included in this. His wife recently gets married to her and there is no more information about his personal life. We will update our article after getting any information related to his missing incent and shares it in our article.

The Department of the Hancock County Sheriff is asked for help in his search and they share a number to make a call for anyone who has any information about him. His wife and friends and still searching for him and this news effects them deeply sad.

There are lots of cases coming forward related to missing people where sometimes it was not serious and sometimes they were found dead but nothing can be said before any announcement. The investigation is ongoing and they continue their search for him. To read more articles related to other news topics and the latest news of the entire world then stay connected to our website.


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