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Mississippi House Party Shooting Update: 2 Dead And 4 Wounded


We are in great sorrow and have to share with you this terrifying news that makes people live in terror that raises the question once again about safety and crimes which are increasing day by day among youth and teenagers. This kind of accident already happened which was a shooting that happened at the birthday party four were killed and nine were injured. A 16-year-old boy’s birthday party was celebrated and in the middle gun was fired. Now again this kind of case comes again and two victims lost their lives. To know more about this case please scroll down the page and continue to read.

A dangerous and terrifying accident happened inĀ  Mississippi where two kids lost their lives after a shooting and others are injured in that shooting. Of those kids who were dead one was identified as Haeleigh Stamper. Stamper tragically died after suffering from three gunshot wounds while attending the Prom event. She was a beautiful and kind person.

Mississippi House Party Shooting Update


Many people come together and support the Stamper family and other young teenagers who were injured and dead. They donate funds to an organization GoFoud page. The donations will go towards services and other expenses the family may face during this difficult time.

Mississippi House Party Shooting Update

According to the reports, The shooting took place during a House party in a house which is located on the Gulf Coast Down on Sunday at around 12:30.In this incident, two teenagers lost their lives and four were injured. The two teenagers who were dead were students of the same school which is Hancock High School and one kid’s age was 16 and the other kid’s age was 18 years old. The accused was arrested and he is also a teenager.

The accused was arrested and he is 19 years old Cameron Everest Brand. He was taken into custody and allegedly charged with six counts of exasperation. According to The Bay St. Louis Police Department investigation is still going on and they are trying to find out the reason for the shooting.

Many people and the community showed and expressed their sympathy toward them and their families. This incident raises the question about safety for young people and in consideration that they have to live in terror and can’t attend a place like that or event due to thisĀ  event.No other information is available now about him and related to this case but if we get any information related to this case we will inform you. Stay tuned with the social telecast for the latest news and updates.


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