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Molkki 13th July 2021 Written Update: Prakashi is instigating Nandini and Veer Against Purvi and Virender


Molkki is considered as of the thriving ongoing television show of nowadays. The high-voltage drama show always manages to keep the audience to the edge with its twists and turns. Most recently we have watched that Virender abandons Sakshi, Prakashi, and Anjali and took all of her property back after Sakshi disclose the shocking truth to Virender and Purvi. Virender broke all of his relations and decided to live with Purvi and his kids, but things never settle down in television shows. So, to retain this trend, Virender elder twin kids Nandini and Veer come to the mansion to take avenge their mother.

In the most recent episode of the show, we are watching, that Purvi convince Virender to try to reunite his family and she will assist you in all this, but Nandini and Veer do not seem to parley as they just return to take revenge. While Nandini is arguing with Virender and bad-mouthing about Purvi, Veer takes Prakashi and Anjali back in the mansion. Virender and Purvi shocks seein them. Nandini hugs Prakashi and she stares at Virender.

Molkki Written Episode

Virender yells at both of them and asks how do you dare to enter this house, but Veer asks Virender to keep his voice low. Virender says to Prakshi that he got understand that it was all planned all this. Veer and Nandini support Prakashi. Virender tries to make them understand to don’t trust them as they will betray you in the nick of the time. Virender says that she impounded the entire property, but I somehow take the property back and register it for my all four kids. Nandini and Veer are still in Prakshi’s support and asks Virender to tell them about their mother. Virender says that she left the country, but Prakashi says he is lying.

Veer challenges Virender that they will bring back Sakshi to this mansion again. Whereas Nandini asks them to leave the house right away as they are the owner of the property. Virender and agrees and leaving the mansion, but in the nick of the time, Prakashi says that can still live here in the servants’ rooms. Virender is about to deny it, but Purvi accepts it and makes Virender agree to accept it for Nandini and Veer’s sake.

Virender and Purvi shift to Servent’s quarter where Purvi asks Virender to don’t think much. Virender is saying something to Purvi, meantime a lizard comes there and Virender gets frightened and asks Purvi to keep it away from him. While Prakashi is instigating Nandini and Veer against Purvi and Virender. Tune in to Colors Tv at 10 PM and watch the complete episode. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for further Molkki written updates.


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