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Molkki 19th August 2021 Updates Written Episode: Virender Gets Shocked To Hear Purvi’s Voice


The coming episode of Molkki begins where Purvi informs Daksh that he is unable to do anything perfectly, and tells him that she is having heels pain. But asks her to practice daily and arguments take place between the two, at the same time, Chandni comes to them and asks that she has to go on shopping tomorrow. So please stop this unusual argument, so that, she can sleep peacefully and Daksh leaves the place. Meanwhile, she informs her that she remembers Virender where he complains that she did not spend quality time with him.


Then Purvi tells her that Daksh needs to invite Virender here so, therefore, Chandani asks Daksh to invite him because last time he went without meeting her. But he says that he will invite him later but Purvi also asks him to invite Virender, hence, he invited him through the mobile. The next day, Sudha asks Veer for coming with her to the temple but he refuses by saying that he has some urgency, because of which, he can not come. Another side, Purvi asks Daksh that does she really needs to apply makeup, he agrees and after a while, she goes with Chandni on Shopping.

At the same time, Virender sees Chandni in the market and hides in the shop and Purvi also goes to purchase for Daksh, in the men’s section where Virender hides. Then she chooses a blue Kurta for him and she goes to the trial room and spontaneously Virender also comes there and fetch the Kurta, due to misunderstanding. But Purvi sees him and tries to stop him but suddenly Daksh comes there and she stops and asks her to purchase another. Then he makes a call to him and fixes their meeting in the restaurant because he has to talk to him.

After a while, Virender reaches the restaurant and remembers Purvi while seeing a couple who are sitting next to him. At the same time, Daksh also reaches there as he asks him for a meeting, and sees that Virender keeps on looking at the couple. He asks him what happened does he love someone or missing because it seems, that he is eagerly missing someone. But due to some work, Daksh would have to go away Virender and at the same time, he gets a call from Purvi. Virender receives and gets shocked to hear Purvi’s voice. So do not miss watching it on Colors at 10:00 PM and for more details connect with us.


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