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Molkki 21st August 2021 Written Episode: Virender Wants To Meet Dhwani


Daksh introduces Chandni to Virender and calls her special in today’s update of Molkki. Virender gets shocked seeing her. Here, Daksh places his phone near Virender. Meanwhile, a flashback shows Virenedr asking Purvi to meet Virender but she says that something has come up so she will meet him later and asks him to go ahead. Chandni volunteers to go with Daksh so the latter takes her along with him. Virender asks Daksh about his fiancee. Daksh answers that she couldn’t make up as his Nani is arriving and she had to do preparations.

Daksh continues that he had brought Chandni instead. Virender tells him that he had already met her. Chandni says that people should meet often so they can get to know one another better. Virender smiles and asks them to sit. Chandni asks Virenedr if he has someone in his life or is currently single. Virender gets confused and asks Daksh about it. Daksh says that Chandni wants to know if he loves someone or cares for them. Virender instantly thinks of Purvi but refuses to believe in love. Daksh gets shocked and tells Virnedr that having love is a blessing.

Molkki Written Episode


Virender says that love only looks good in books and the reality, it only gives people pain. Daksh asks Virenedr if someone has hurt him but the latter change the topic quickly and asks Daksh about his special someone. Daksh begins to describe his feelings about his Dhwanai aka Purvi. Virender also gets lost in Purvi’s thoughts. He asks Daksh about the name of her lover. Daksh says it’s “Dhwani” while he also asks Virender about his love and her name. He tells him that her name was Purvi. Daksh asks Virender what has happened to Purvi. He answers that she died back 6 months in a bus accident.

Virender sadly says that his life has no meaning now and that he is only living for his children. Chandni gets overwhelmed hearing the story and excitedly drops the juice on her Saree. She excuses herself and goes to use the washroom. Meanwhile, one of Daksh’s friends comes up. Daksh also excuses himself and goes to talk to him. Here Purvi calls Daksh. Virender firstly ignores the call but when it keeps coming, he decides to answer on behalf of Daksh. Purvi speaks up and Virender gets shocked. He thinks it’s Purvi’s voice. Meanwhile, Daksh comes and takes the phone from his hands. Virenedr thinks to meet Dhwani.


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