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Molkki 23rd July 2021 Written Update: Purvi Breaks Virender’s Trust Today’s Episode


The episode starts and Molkki asks the priest to commence the customs, the priest then asks her relation along with Nandini. Purvi replies that she is her mother and will perform all the rituals of her mother. The priest agrees and starts the ceremony. Purvi sits to perform the ritual while Chaudhary grins at her. He thinks to let Virender down in front of society and teases him that her Molkki is supporting this marriage even he is against it. He says that he shouldn’t miss this fun. Virender returns home to notice that there is no one at the home.

Molkki 23rd July 2021 Written Update: Purvi Breaks Virender's Trust Today's Episode

He calls out for Purvi but Prakashi and Anjali comes out and asks why is he shouting. He asks where is Purvi, they deny that even didn’t see them. Just then Virender’s phone rings and he is surprised seeing that it is Chaudhary on the call. Virender was stunned to see Purvi along with kids attending the ceremony. Anjali tries to seek into Virender phone and gestures to Prakashi to look into Virender’s phone. Virender gets angry and Chaudhary teases Virender and says congratulations.

Chaudary says that Purvi is doing Kanyadaan of Nandini and asks him to come to the venue and give his blessings to your daughter. He then says to bow your head and keep your tongue in control. Virender gets angry and takes a vow that he won’t forgive Bawri she says that you have ruined my daughter’s life. Prakashi and Anjali get happy and laugh together. The priest there calls Nandini and Aarav get tied in the knots. They stand up and are about to touch Chaudary’s feet for blessing but he stops him and asks them to take Purvi’s blessings first. He says that this marriage succeeded just because of her.

Purvi returns home along with the kids and says that now they have to face Baba’s anger. Purvi tells them not to take much stress and assures them that they will handle everything. The kids go to sleep. Virender there is still thinking about Purvi. He inwardly thinks how Purvi can betray him. He says that she broke my trust and joined my enemy’s board. He throws his turban in anger, just the Purvi comes and pick up his turban and returns to him. Tune in to Colors Tv at 10 PM and watch the complete episode. Get Molkki Written Episode Update here at Social Telecast.


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