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Molkki 24th September 2021 Written Episode: Purvi Decides To Leave Virender


Hello, all the entertainment lovers, hope you all are getting entertained with the high voltage drama of the recent episodes of Molkki. So, we have learned that Virender succeeded in her plan of stopping her marriage with Daksh. Daksh gives up and stands aside sadly. Purvi regains her memory and hugs the kids, she then scolds Daksh and his Nani for getting her married intentionally. Virender then asks Purvi to return home along with him and his children, Purvi was about to go to him, but her steps stop remembering why she left Virender. Daksh speaks that I was with you when Virender leave her helpless. Check the complete Molkki Written Update 24th September 2021 below.


The latest episode of Molkki starts with Virender pleads Purvi not to abandon him, it is worse to live without you. He further says that I can’t live without you and kids. Purvi replies Virender and asks not to bring the kids in between all this, you never spend time with the children. You even let them live on their own when Sakshi left you. She says that the kids don’t need you anymore. Daksh along with Chandini and Nani come there. Purvi then asks Virender it would be better if you stay away from the kids. Purvi criticized Virender badly.

Purvi pleads with Virender to let her go and don’t get tensed for the kids as well, I will take care of them. Purvi further says that trust and faith are a necessity for any relation, but it wasn’t there in our relationship. She says I bore a lot from the day I came to your house as your Molkki. I was even disrespected a lot by all of you all the time. She says that I still remember when you throw me out from the mansion and said I should have never come to your life. I collapsed that day hearing your piercing words and all those words compelled me to vanish the love and respect for you. There is no way to return now and asks Virender to let him go, she can’t come back.

Virender requests the kids to convince your Hathi, our family is incomplete if any one of us leaves. Juhi says it doesn’t matter if the family won’t reunite we only want Purvi. She says she always teaches us to stand with the truth no matter what, we will stay with Purvi. Watch all episodes of Molkki anytime on Voot. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all Molkki Written Updates.



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