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Molkki 27th August 2021 Written Episode: Virender Decides To Talk Purvi


The latest episode of Molkki begins with Virender sees Purvi and calls her Bawri whereas she gives him a strange look. Meanwhile, Daksh comes there in order to check what is going on and get stunned. Virender even gets shocked when he sees Purvi is going along with Daksh inside. Purvi continuously looking Virender while going inside. Purvi still thinking about the Virendder and what did he call her and thinks about the flashbacks hits her mind randomly. Virender stands bemused thinking about Purvi’s strange reaction. He continuously ponders why Purvi changes her name. Both Purvi and Virender are in a huge fix.

Purvi also getting a feeling that she already knew Virender, on another hand, Virender thinks that Purvi might be throwing tantrums at him as she was extremely sad and disappointed in him at the time she left the mansion. He thinks that he won’t let things slip out of hand easily, he will figure it out soon. Daksh there comes to Purvi and says that you are looking better now. He further says that Mukhiji is a great man, he says Virender even saved you today. He then goes t Virender and appreciates him a lot. He then goes to visit his Nani along with Virender.

Molkki Written Episode

Daksh and Purvi coming downstairs holding hands while Virender is watching everything from upstairs. Nani and Chandini see them and gets pleased, suddenly Chandini noticed Virender and she goes to him. Chandni appreciates Virender but he is focused on n Purvi completely. At the same time, Nani asks the DJ to play the songs as they all want to groove on this auspicious ceremony. Daksh and Purvi share the stage and give a wonderful dance performance with Daksh. Virender is constantly watching them while Chandni eyes are stuck on Virender.

Virender is confused thinking why Purvi is doing all this. Purvi also noticing Virender while dancing. Virender is not liking seeing them together at all. Numerous thoughts are running inside Virender’s head. He also thinks might Purvi decided to spend the rest of his life with Daksh for a specific reason. Virender thinks to talk to Purvi while dancing as the DJ announced the game of changing the partners with the beat. Tune in to Colors TV and watch the complete episode at 10 PM. Stay connected with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest updates on Molkki Written Updates.


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