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Molkki 6th November 2021 Written Episode: Sakshi plans to kill Purvi


In the latest episode of the show, we are watching that Purvi falls down when she got hit by a branch. The manager gets scared when noticed that Purvi got hurt. Everyone rushes to Purvi, Sakshi asks if Purvi is fine. Purvi says that the baby is fine as well. A flashback previewed wherein Purvi fell on a cushion, she says that she put her hands and elbow to protect the baby, it will be fine. Virender noticed that Purvi is injured and took her inside. Sakshi wonders that Purvi is fortunate as she always managed to save from her plans.

Sakshi goes after Purvi and sees that Purvi wasn’t in her room, she later finds out that Purvi is in Virender’s room. She enters and asks what is she doing here. Sakshi was taken back when Virender says that Purvi will stay with me in my room from now on. He says that he has noticed since Purvi has conceived some weird incidents are taking place around him. She just narrows escaped otherwise we may have lost the baby. Sakshi fumes and thinks that her plan is going backwards, she is moving heaven and earth to separate them and they are still coming close.

Molkki Written Episode

Virender then put salt on Sakshi wound when he asks her to bring food for Purvi. Sakshi disappointingly goes downstairs and inwardly talks that even after she is doing a lot for Virender, but still he is concerned for Purvi. She is thinking that she even kept fast for him and at the same time phone rings. She picked up the call and finds Bhola on the other side. Sakshi denies something initially and says the amount is enough to cut the tree. He says that cutting a tree and killing a person are two extremely different things. Bhola demands more money and Sakshi agrees and asks him to meet later.

Purvi there is playing ludo along with the kids when Virender comes and asks them to sleep. He further says that Haathi needs to rest. They wish each other good night and head to their room. Virender spreads pillows on the bed and himself lays his mat on the floor. Purvi asks why are you sleeping on the floor. He replies that he is back in paining after lifting the branch. Watch all the episodes of the show on Voot anytime. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and Molkki Written Update.


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