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Molkki 8th July 2021 Written Episode: Prakashi Vows To Take Revenge


In the latest episode of Molkki, we are watching that Sakshi reveals the complete truth in front of Virender and Purvi. She says that I wasn’t dead, Anjali and Prakashi captivated me in all those years. Purvi asks you to go along with them, Sakshi says just to remind you of your place as you live here only as a Molkki. She says I am watching getting my kids and husband separating just because of you. Purvi says that it is quite difficult to believe that Sakshiji is saying the truth. Virender says you aren’t supposed to do all this.

Virender asks her to leave this mansion before the kids wake up. He says that he doesn’t want a wife who betrayed her husband and her children. Virender hands her flight tickets and asks her to leave now. Sakshi says are you abanding me just because of this Molkki. Sakshi tries to remind Virender of their past, but Virender gives her a befitting reply and asks her to take the tickets and leave. He says that he doesn’t want to see her face ever again. He says that Sakshi whom I love was completely different from you. Sakshi folds her hand and asks for forgiveness.


Molkki Written Episode


Sakshi is looking around the mansion sadly and recalling the good old days along with Virender and her kids and walks out of the house. The next morning, Virender is sitting on the couch, Prakashi comes there and asks why is he sitting like this here early morning. She asks where is Sakshi, Virender says that she left and now it is the to leave for some other unwanted people. Prakshi asks Virender to say it clearly.

Virender then says that he knows everything that you did to ruin my life. He tells Prakshi that you are more like an enemy instead of a mother. He says this mansion hasn’t any place for you in any corner. Virender says that both of you would be punished. He asks them to leave this mansion right away there is no relation between us anymore. Prakashi asks Virender to remember this date as she will come to take revenge soon. She further says that she will give him a dreaded death. Prakshi leaves along with Anjali. Tune in to Colors Tv at 10 PM tonight for the complete episode. Never miss any Molkki Written Update, stay connected with Social Telecast.


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