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Molkki 8th Sept 2021 Written Episode: Virender Proves Himself Clean


The latest episode of Molkki begins with Purvi admits the marriage proposal of Daksh and get agreed with Nani. She says that you are my best friend, but above all of them that matters that you respect women. Purvi says that you are the only one to whom I can trust. She further says that trust is the basic need in any relationship. She further says that I don’t love you now, but might the feelings will get changed for you. Nani says she is completely agreed with Purvi. She further says that I am ready to tie in the knot with you.

Nani is getting elated seeing them and says even I can’t find better than Purvi. Nani gives a sweet hug to Daksh and happiness is clearly visible and gives her blessings to them. Nani praises their relation and hugs Purvi and hugs each other. The next morning, everyone is having their breakfast. At the same time, Nani noticed that Daksh is going somewhere, Nani calls him and asks him to have breakfast, but Daksh says that he is swamped with coppers in the Police station for Virender.

Molkki Written Episode

Nani gets angry listening to this and says she is doubting Virender and says that this man is surely heading up to something. Nani suggests Purvi focusing on your married life. Juhi and Manas come downstairs and greets Purvi and she hugs them. Purvi gives them breakfast. Nani at the house also assigned some work to Chandini. Nani asks Chandini to make sure that it would be a grand wedding. Manas gazes at the decorations and asks what is going on here whose marriage is this, Purvi asks him to guess. Nani tells them that her Haathi is going to get married to Daksh. Both the kids get shocked.

Daksh welcomes Virender and he shows that he wasn’t at the fault. Virender tells them about how those things got manipulated before. Virender tells them when he came to his senses he was I behind the bars and the Police inspector told them everything. Virender introduces himself as a chief of Rewari and asks the inspector to check the CCTV and the truth gets disclosed in front of the Police. The Police set Virender free and he tried to find out the real culprit who trapped him in such a heinous allegation. Get your channel fixed at Colors at 10 PM and watch the complete episode. Stay connected with Social Telecast and never miss Molkki Written Episode.


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