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Molkki 9th July 2021 Today’s Written Episode: Prakashi Determines To Ruin Virender’s Life


In latest today’s episode of Colors serial Molkki, Anjali will be seen asking Prakashi if they will have to beg to survive. While Prakashi phones a mysterious person and asks him to reach Rewari tomorrow as she is booking their tickets. Anjali gets confused and asks Prakshi who was she talking to over the phone and whom ticket will she book. Prakashi tells Sakshi that it’s her time to teach Viender a lesson as he likes to play with people’s lives. Prakashi determines to bring Viender on the road just like he did to her.

Molkki 9th July 2021 Today's Written Episode: Prakashi Determines To Ruin Virender's Life

In the next scene, a girl is seen driving a jeep while a guy sits on the passenger’s seat playing the guitar. On the other side, everyone is busy arranging Shanti Puja. After everything gets arranged, pandit Ji asks Priyu to bring Virender and Purvi down to attend Puja. The pair comes down and sits while Pandit Ji applies Tilak to their forehead. Meanwhile, that mysterious boy and girl are slowly reaching towards haveli while the passerby says that they haven’t seen the guys before in the area. Manas and Juhi feel bored and they go inside and see that Puja has gotten completed.

Meanwhile, the boy and the girl reach Haveli. Pandit Ji tells Virender and Purvi that the Puja is done and from now peace and prosperity will remain in the place but the mysterious girl asks Pandit to stop. She says that there is no point in the Puja as it will not bring peace to the house. She says that Mukhi Ji’s doings can not be hidden. Virender asks Nandini and Veer what are they doing in Haveli. They smile and tell since they didn’t invite in the Puja they came themselves. Purvi asks Virender about them. She wonders how did he stay quiet even though they said so many things to him.

Meanwhile, Manas and Juhi come there. They see Nandini and Veer and immediately hug them saying they missed them a lot. Manas tells Purvi that they are siblings but Purvi gets confused thinking if they are their actual siblings or what. Purvi asks Virender about them. He says that they don’t consider him as a father. He breaks down and tells her that he tried to change their hatred but he failed in receiving the love from them. Watch Molkki on Colors TV to know the whole story.


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