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Molkki: Aarav Gets Exposed Today’s Latest Episode 11th August 2021 Written Update


Today’s episode of Colors serial Molkki starts with Sudha preparing Veer’s favourite dish. She gets worried about him as he has not eaten anything for long. Purvi agrees with Sudha and suggests giving the breakfast to Preeti as she will bring it to him. However, Preeti spikes Veer’s food. She thinks to execute her plan while Veer will sleep soundly. There, Virender goes to Panchayat. Purvi tells Aarav that everyone seems upset with her so she needs help. Aarav nodes his head indicating that he will surely help her.


Purvi tells Aarav that Virender had gone to the vacant factory while his rivals are looking for an opportunity to kill him. She requests Aatav to convince Virenedr and bring him home as she is quite worried about him and also asks her to keep this a secret. Purvi asks him to promise not to tell this to Nandini and Veer. Aarav assures her that he will not disclose this and will also bring Virenedr home as soon as possible. Purvi feels relieved thinking one problem is sorted. Here, Aarav smirks while sitting in his car and mid-way informs his father about the current location of Virender.

Aarav tells his father that Virender will be alone in the factory and that they won’t find another chance to end him. On another hand, Purvi notices that Veer has fallen asleep while his plate is also vacant. She goes to check his eyes. Sudha asks Purvi about Veer. She tells her that she had spiked his food with sleeping pills. Sudha gets tensed. Purvi tells her that with the effect of these pills, he won’t wake up until 6-7 hours. Later, Sudha and Purvi hide Veer under the bed so that no one can notice him.

Purvi tells Sudha that she has to tell everyone that Veer left the home in the morning only. Here, Purvi and Sudha make everyone convinced that Veer had gone to the factory outside the town and that his life is in danger. Virender gets worried and decides to go there. Purvi and Nandini also tag along. Reaching there, they check the CCTV footage where Chaudhary is seen ordering his men to kill Mukhi while they also watch Aarav hugging his father. They plan to kill Virender. The latter gets shocked seeing the footage. Stay tuned with Social Telecast to find out what happens next in Colors show Molkki.


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