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Molkki Latest Written Episode 26th August 2021 WU: Virender Saves Purvi’s Life


The upcoming episode of Molkki will begin where you will watch that Virender gets to know that Purvi is a fiance of Daksh and soon they will marry each other. He inwardly wonders that why god is playing the game with their life, and recalls all the old stuff which he especially those golden moments in which they have spent with each other. At the same time, he decided to go to Daksh’s house to remove all illusions, On another side, Daksh interrogates Purvi that why she stopped him to reveal the truth meanwhile, she says that if Granny suffers from them so it’s not appropriate.


After a while, Virender reaches Darsh’s residence and comes to know about Purvi and Daksh’s engagement. Chandani is being praised by everyone and Daksh thanks his granny for the preparations. Because in just a small time she has done everything which is commendable enough, meanwhile, she says that she brought a special gift for Purvi because she is going to become her daughter-in-law. Then she gives her traditional family dress with ornaments by saying that she will have to carry this attire for the function, and she agrees.

Another side, Purvi is not understanding whatever is going on with her and at the same time, Virender reaches the venue. Chandani sees him and makes Granny also sees him because she likes him a lot but she is unfamiliar with Virender’s feelings. Hence, Granny asks her that does Virender likes her or not because it seems one-sided love as far as she has concerned. Meanwhile, Chandani assumes her life with Virender and falls on the surface but Virender holds her. Virender asks her about Daksh because he wants to meet Daksh because he has to talk to him, so that, everything can clear.

Then Daksh reaches at Purvi’s room and she starts pulling his leg by saying that needs to do something because he is looking average. Therefore she asks him to change his hairstyle and spontaneously he meets Virender and meanwhile, Purvi gets her scarf from Virender’s car. While thinking her leg trips and she gets fallen into the pool and Virender saves her, and everyone gets shocked to see them and Daksh thanks to Virender also. Then he takes her and makes her change the attire and they start enjoying the function, so watch it on Colors at 10:00 PM and for more details connect with us.


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