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Molkki Today’s Episode 2nd June 2021: Virender Stops Purvi From Leaving The Haveli


The latest episode of Molkki starts with Virender feeling bad about Purvi. He thinks that even though he brought her home as a Molkki, she always thought of his family like hers and cared for them but they couldn’t even give her respect in return. He recalls Sakshi’s words where she had stated that she is his first wife and that he cannot keep Purvi in his life until she is alive. Virender thinks that he should let Purvi go and move on as let her start a new phase of her life.

Molkki Today's Episode

Virender gets frustrated and asks God to help him whether he should stop Purvi or not and to guide him. The scene changes. As it’s Manas’ birthday, Purvi brings him downstairs and shows him the cake brought for him. Manas gets excited. Later, Manas cuts his cake and feed to everyone while Purvi just stands at one corner and smiling. Then, everyone begins to dance. Manas and Juhi ask Purvi and Virender to dance together but the pair just stands at their place awkwardly.

Their eyes meet but they immediately shift their gaze in another direction. The entire celebration gets awkward for Virender and Purvi.¬†After the birthday celebration ends, Purvi goes to Sakshi and urges her to let her meet Manas and Juhi for one more time before she leaves the house. Virender overhears their talk and gets sad. Purvi goes to the kids’ room and tells them that she has brought presents for them.

She gives them both a statute of a small elephant and says that they can look at the elephants whenever they miss her. The kids get emotional and ask her not to leave. Another side, Prakashi and Anjali get excited thinking Purvi will soon leave the house. Purvi tells Sakshi that she should leave now and come in the hall with her packed bags. She bids adieu to all the members and tells them to forgive her if she ever did a mistake.

Anjali asks one of the maids to drop Purvi at the bus station and to make sure that she gets on the bus. Purvi eyes search for Virender and get sad when they don’t find him. She thinks that maybe she is not destined to see Virender one last time before she leaves. Purvi was about to leave when Virender asks her to stay in the house until she pays her Mol. Everyone gets stunned. Virender asks the servants to put her bags in the house as she can not leave. Keep following for Molkki written update.


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