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Molkki Today’s Episode 30th June 2021: Purvi Slits Her Wrist Latest Written Update


In the recent episodes of Molkki, we are watching that Sakshi is getting success in her plan. She emotionally blackmails after which she agreed with her and leave Virender. Purvi says that she has to do something due to which Virender starts hating me. She set up a plan along with Sakshi and make then Virender show that he is applying Haldi on Vipul’s face and he also does the same. Virender gets fume seeing them and Anjali as always add fuel to the fire. Virender leaves from there angrily.

Molkki Today's Episode 30th June 2021: Purvi Slits Her Wrist Latest Written Update

Virender returns home and waits for Purvi, he inwardly talks that Purvi couldn’t do this to her and has to give all the answers. Just then Virender notices a not in Purvi diary. He reads the more where Purvi wrote that she is eloping with Vipul at 4 PM today. Virender rushes to Purvi, he reaches the bus stand and sees the bus is leaving, he shouts Bawri and gets disappointed. But just then he reached and sees Purvi and Vipul giving measurements to the tailor. Virender angrily leaves from there and Purvi feels bad for Virender.

Purvi goes after Virender and says Purvi is crossing the limit. Purvi enters and says she is trying to understand you the same. Virender asks why did you come after deciding to elope with Vipul. Purvi release that you just disturbed after you came to know that I am leaving, it is just beginning. She says if you again create nuisance in the marriage then I will surely elope with Vipul. She takes the promise of Virender that he won’t interrupt her marriage and let her go with Vipul. Virender turns and wipes her tears. The Mehandi ceremony has started and Virender starts playing dhol. Virender says we all will enjoy Purvi’s Mehandi ceremony.

Everyone gets confused and see Virender playing dhol. Purvi thinks that Virender got to understand and won’t do anything now. She inwardly thanks Virender. Everyone comes to dance while Virender is beating dhol. Meanwhile, Sakshi brings Vipul and Purvi together and ask them to dance. Vipul is holding Purvi’s hand and Virender loses his calm seeing this. He shrugs Purvi hand back and slaps Vipul. Everyone is aghast. Virender says Bawri only belongs to me and no one can take her from me. Purvi disappointed and goes behind Virender. Purvi says you broke the promise. Purvi says you will only get Bawri’s dead body and slit her wrist. The episode ends with Virender scream, get further Molkki written update here at Social Telecast.


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