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Molkki Today’s Update 25th May 2021 Written Episode: Vikas Tries To Molest Purvi


In the latest episode of Molkki, we will watch that Vikas is misbehaving with Molkki. But she pushes her away and slaps him. Everyone gets stunned seeing this. Purvi tells Vikas to be within his limits and says every time such filthy things come into your mind just remember this slap. Aarti yells at Molkki, says have you forget about yourself. She asks how dare you slap my husband. She says that she will break her hand if she will do such again. But Sakshi comes in a support of Purvi and asks her why did you slap him.

Molkki Today's Update 25th May 2021 Written Episode: Vikas Tries To Molest Purvi

Vikas pretending to everyone that he is crying, Sakshi again asks why did she slap him. Purvi apologises for that but says that he deserve this. Vikas says does he deserve a slap for saving her. Purvi says that I am Molkki but it doesn’t mean that you are free to touch me anywhere. Vikas says I won’t stay a minute longer at a place where I ain’t respected. Purvi says that he is faking everything, she asks him to tell the truth.

Aarti tells Sakshi that it is enough now and she is leaving now. She says that we won’t get humiliated by a mundane Molkki. Sakshi says that she will talk to her, she again asks why did you do this. At the same time, Virender comes there. Purvi says he is feeling from day one that his intentions aren’t right. He continuously looking weirdly at me and even touched me badly that is why I slapped him.

Vikas says that he is lying, she was about to fall and I just saved her. He asks how can someone saves another person by falling without touching it. Prakashi backs Vikas and Purvi at the same time. Prakashi says that Vikas wants to save Purvi, but she finds it wrong. She asks them to close this matter now. Sakshi asks Purvi to think before doing something.

But Virender backs Purvi and says she won’t do anything baselessly. Virender says that they must be understood each other and asks to finish this top right away. Prakashi and Anjali grin. Vikas fumes and says that he is running Women NGO for a long no can ever. Get all the complete update of the show on Colors TV at 10 PM today. Stay connected with Social Telecast and never miss Molkki Written Update.


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