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Molkki Today’s Written Episode 15th November 2021: Will Purvi Become Cheif?


In the recent episode of Molkki, we have watched that Virender along with Juhi turned Sakshi’s game against her and make her taste her own medicine. Virender planned with Juhi to rescue Purvi from Arjun and himself to go to the house where Sakshi is dressed as the bride. Sakshi compelled Virender to marry her again. She blackmailed him and says if he has to marry her if she wants Purvi alive. In between all these Virender tricks Sakshi and managed to rescue Purvi from Arjun. Get more information regarding Molkki Written Update.

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After a while, Purvi enters home and Sakshi is stunned seeing her. Virender and Purvi confront Sakshi and tell her many things but she is unable to see anything in anger and arrogance. The Police then arrested Sakshi and Purvi went upstairs along with Juhi. Sakshi pushed the constable away and rushed to Purvi. Purvi noticed her and hides Juhi behind her. Sakshi grabbed Purvi and says she won’t spare you so easily and throws her on the stairs. Purvi rolled down on the stairs and falls to the ground, Virender and Juhi rushed to Purvi who is wincing in pain.

She is still worried about her baby the police arrested Sakshi and Virender rushed Purvi to the hospital. Purvi comes to her senses and asks about her baby Virender consoles her and says that our baby is no more. Later, Purvi overhears that a nurse is saying that Purvi can’t become a mother in future. Purvi returns home and Virender informs her about the woman sarpanch election of the village and she is going to stand in the election. He further says this village won’t get better chief than you.

Whereas on another side, Sakshi is again set up with a plan to ruin Purvi’s life. It seems like that she has been released from jail. She inwardly says be prepared Purvi as she is coming to her. She further says that this clash will be bigger than ever. Well, this is the first season of Molkki premiered on 16 November 2021 on Colors and as of now the show become one of the most entertaining television shows of nowadays. The show is going to complete its one year as well. Tune in to Colors at 10 PM from Monday to Friday and watch exclusive episodes. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and Molkki Written episode updates.


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