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Molkki Today’s Written Episode 22nd September 2021: Chandni Helps Virender


The all new-episode of Molkki begins with Anjali calls Nani and says Virender along with the kids are going to interrupt Daksh and Purvi’s marriage. Nani was along with Daksh and the enquiry who was on the phone, Nani replies no one and asks him to go to the hotel. Daksh says that we should go home first, but Nani says do what I say we have to prepare for a wedding in the hotel. Priyu there says Veer that he is looking tensed, Veer informs Priyu what he heard from Anjali, Priyu stunned hearing Anjali’s words and excuses herself from there. She then goes to Virender’s car and hides in the backspace of the car.

Molkki Today's Episode

Virender and the kids are going to Purvi’s wedding unaware that Priyu is along with them. Just then Prakashi received Anjali’s call, she picked up the call and scolds Anjali, but Anjali tells them that Virender and the kids are all on their way for Delhi. Prakashi gets shocked and says they will definitely create some problems in Purvi’s marriage. Virender and the kids reached Daksh house where a guard informed them that they haven’t returned from Rewari yet. Virender is bemused where would they be?

Molkki Written Update

Virender calls Purvi, but she didn’t pick up the call, Virender gets tensed and thinks if he failed to stop her marriage then his complete life will get spoiled. Daksh and his family are getting prepared for the marriage when Nani appreciates them. Daksh says it is happening just because of you. He says I would have lost her but Virender revive her by recovering her memory. Chandini says Purvi used to be Virender’s wife. She asks Daksh if he is out of his mind that he is still marrying Purvi after knowing everything. Chandini asks Nani what you are doing wrong.

While Chandini is alleging Nani, Daksh locks her in a room. Nani says that Daksh will marry Dhwani today anyhow. She says I won’t spare anyone who comes in my way to stop this marriage. Daksh and Nani leave while Chandini is yelling for help, but just then she noticed a heavy vase and thinks to break the window with the help of the Vase. Chandni succeeded in it and get her phone. She called Virender and asks him to reach the hotel promplty. Watch the complete episode on Colors Tv at 10 PM today. Get the complete Molkki Written Episode Update here at Social Telecast.


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