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Molkki Today’s Written Update 23rd September 2021 Episode: Purvi is in Dilemma


Hello, all the entertainment lovers, nowadays, Molkki is going through a highly intense phase like always. Well, in the latest plot of the show Purvi regain her memory, but still going to marry Daksh. Virender is determined that he will stop this marriage anyhow as he can’t assume his life without Purvi. So, get the complete information regarding Molkki Written Episode on 22nd September 2021 here. In the latest episode of the show, we are watching that Virender along with kids head to halt Daksh marriage. Chandni there opposed Daksh and Nani’s decision, but Daksh locked her in a room but she escaped somehow and informed Virender about Venue.


Virender is trying to barge into the venue thrashing all the guards, but at the same time, Nani comes there and blocks her way. Virender is extremely furious, he even warns Nani to step aside he is going insane right now, but Nani refuses. Virender pushes her aside and enters the venue. Chandini, Virender, and Kids noticed that Daksh is trying to wake Purvi. Virender also goes there and says wake up Bawri your Kroor Singh arrived now. Purvi comes into her senses and opens her eyes. Her eyes get moist seeing kids and Virender around. She hugs the kids.

Molkki Written Update

Both the kids gets elated seeing Purvi got her memory back. Virender also gets happy seeing Purvi remembers him now. Daksh on another hand is sad. Virender yells and asks for a doctor, but Purvi tells him that she is fine now, she doesn’t need a doctor. She says I remember everything, Chandini also joined them and says she is quite happy for them. She says she is even feeling bad for Daksh but she is still happy for you. Chandni says I assumed Virender as my moon, but he is yours for always. She further says that she will get a new moon for herself soon.

Chandini then reveals the secrets of Daksh and Nani, they are in the favour of this marriage even after they everything about Purvi’s past. Nani fumes hearing all this while Daksh is still standing sad and alone. Purvi goes to Daksh and asks what was he trying to do, I consider you as my best friend and you were going to stab at my back. Virender asks Purvi to come home, she is going to her but stops after recalling why she left home in the past. Tune to to Colors Tv at 10 PM and watch the complete episode. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for further information and updates.


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