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Molkki Today’s Written Update 6th July 2021: Virender Throws Sakshi & Prakashi Out


The latest episode of Molkki starts with Sakshi lashes out at Purvi, she says that she doesn’t like you at all as you took my husband and kids from me. She also says that I always jealous of you since the day I return. She says that you build a stronger bond with Virender even than his wife. Sakshi says when you crossed the limit then I decided to get you and Vipul married to get rid of you. Sakshi even disclosed that it was Prakashi and Anjali who captivated me for five years. Sakshi reveals that Anjali is just a puppet, Prakashi is the puppet master. She is all after Virender’s wealth.

Molkki Today's Written Update 6th July 2021: Virender Throws Sakshi & Prakashi Out

Purvi asks how can Prakashi do all these things as she is the mother of Virender. Sakshi reveals that Virender is Prakashi’s stepson and she doesn’t love him at all. Purvi then asks if you know everything then why did you assist them. Sakshi says that we just wanted to teach you a lesson. We want you to remind who you are, you are just a Molkki of Virender and nothing else. Purvi is awestruck hearing Sakshi’s words.

Virender then tells Purvi why did he tear the divorce papers and broke his promise. Virender then orders Sakshi to leave this Haveli by the morning. He says that he doesn’t want such deceive mother to my kids and a cheating wife. Sakshi got stunned hearing, Purvi also shocked by Virender’s decision. The next morning Virender confronts Prakashi and Anjali, he says that he is aware of what you both did behind me. He says it is quite difficult for him to tolerate this betrayal. He asks them to leave this mansion and this village either. Virender says as the chief of this house and this village you can’t enter the premises of this village.

Virender further says that he end his relation of a son with you, from now on you will be not known as my mother. Anjali sobs, while Prakashi stares at Virender. Besides, Molkki is one of the most entertaining television shows nowadays. The show is mounted with high-voltage drama and strict to its plot without making it overdramatic like usual daily soaps. All the viewers can also enjoy the show on Voot anytime. Tune in to Colors tv at 10 PM from Monday to Friday for all the fresh episodes. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest updates on Molkki Written Update.


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