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Molkki Written Episode 28 June 2021 Full Update: Virender Gives Money To Purvi’s Father


At the beginning of today’s episode of Molkki, Purvi hugging to her mother who gets happy after seeing her. She tells her that she is seeing her only after six months but it feels like that she has not seen her for so many years. They both hug each other and cry in each other’s arms. Purvi’s mother says that she cannot believe that the little girl they had sent has grown up this much. Later, her mother asks Purvi why did she decide to marry Vipul after giving a divorce to Mukhiya Ji. Purvi answers that she couldn’t stay in the Haveli any longer.

Molkki Written Episode 28 June 2021 Full Update: Virender Gives Money To Purvi's Father

Purvi continues that when things started to get changed, Mukhiya Ji’s first wife Sakshi entered the story. Even though they loved each other, she has to exit the story and had to return her kids and husband and so she decided to marry Vipul. She asks her mother if she is doing the right thing to which she answers that indeed it’s the correct decision. While they were having the conversation, Vipul and Sakshi arrive there. Purvi’s father asks Purvi and her mother to quit crying as it’s enough.

He announces that he will not allow the marriage of Purvi to a simple guy like Vipul. Purvi snaps and asks her mother to inform him that he is no longer allowed to call her his daughter as the act of selling it off has degraded his position. Purvi’s father taunts her for not accepting the fact that by the act, she got a wealthy family and a husband like Mukhiya Ji. Purvi asks him not to talk as she doesn’t want to hear his opinion and asks him if he is planning to sell her off again.

In the next scene, Purvi’s mother wakes up from sleep after coughing. She opens the cupboard and while picking up the medicines, she drops the money. She asks her husband about it. He tells her that he has not stolen the money but his son-in-law himself gave it to him as he doesn’t want to marry her to another guy. He tells her that he called us to the Haveli in the first place. Now, will Purvi find out about Virender’s intentions or will she go against her father and Virender and marry Vipul. It will be fascinating to know. Stay tuned to social telecast for further updates on Colors & Voot serial Molkki.


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