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Molkki Written Episode 2nd July 2021: Purvi Confesses Her Love for Virender in Front of Everyone


In the latest episode of Molkki, we are going to watch that Virender is quite disturbed enters his room. He is continuously thinking about Purvi and Vipul. He thinks that he can’t bear seeing them along with each other. He thinks it is getting hard to see them along. Meanwhile, Juhi and Manas come there, Virender cleans his tears before they see them. Virender and the kids hug each other after some emotional words. Prakashi is elated and asks Anjali to do her Nagin Dance. Anjali gets agreed and starts dancing. Everyone laughs seeing her dancing.


Virender there is trying to console the kids, he says that we have to continue pretending our happiness for our Haathi. Manas and Juhi going downstairs to attend the ceremony and asks Virender to come along. Virender says he will be there soon. Virender is bothered and take out alcohol. Anjali there asks Sakshi about Virender and again tries to evoke her. Anjali again says that all the guests are asking about Virender. Sakshi goes to her room to call Virender without being aware that Virender is drinking in his room.

Sakshi shocked to see him, but Virender asks her to go and enjoy the Sangeet ceremony. Sakshi tells him that all the guests are asking for him. Sakshi asks him to come soon and hung up the call. Virender drinks the complete bottle and gets inebriated, but he stands up again. Virender can’t manage to see properly but still go downstairs. Juhi along with Manas and Purvi’s brother is dancing. Just then Anjali noticed that Virender is coming into the ceremony and again tries to make him jealous. She drags Vipul and Purvi together for a dance. While coming down Virender lost his balance and shouts Purvi. Everyone gets aghast and looks at him.

Purvi falls from the stairs, Purvi rushes to him, while heading to Virender he bumped with a servant due to which glass falls and breaks. Purvi doesn’t care for it and run over, her blood marks are on the floor. She goes to Virender and asks him to open his eyes. She asks everyone to call the doctor promptly. Purvi says to open his eyes for her as she loves him wholeheartedly. Everyone sees Purvi in shock, Vipul also gets shocked hearing Purvi’s statement. Tune in to Colors Tv at 10 PM for the complete episode and anytime on Voot. Never miss any Molkki written episode update, stay connected with Social Telecast.


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