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Molkki Written Episode 5th July 2021: Purvi Tries To Leave Virender Today’s Update


The opening sequence of Molkki begins with Sakshi appreciates Virender for assisting her to stop getting Purvi and Vipul married. She says there is one more thing I need you to listen to, she says no one in this house knows that I was along with you in all this. Virender says he never wants that Bawri to get married to Vipul, but he doesn’t want either that this alliance would break like this. Sakshi tries to encourage and console Virender. She further says that is why we come to know about the time in time. She pleads him to don’t disclose this ever.

Molkki Written Episode 5th July 2021: Purvi Tries To Leave Virender Today's Update

Purvi is talking to her presiding deity and pondering about what happened. Purvi thinks about Virender. She is quite tensed about what all happened. Sakshi is telling Virender that she did her best but still failed to stop Vipul. Virender says she is concerned for Purvi. He says that she suffered a lot, she says I think to share this secret along with Purvi at least. But Sakshi suggested to her that sharing secrets won’t be in our favour. Virender says that we won reveal the truth to the kids, but we should inform Bawri.

Prakashi and Anjali are wondering why they are taking that much time. Anjali says she won’t let it over so easily, Prakshi agrees with her. Virender comes out of the room while Sakshi is behind her. Anjali and Prakshi try to figure out what happens between them. Prakashi says she still doesn’t get that why Virender cancelled Purvi’s marriage like this. Meanwhile, Virender enters Purvi’s room and noticed that her almirah is empty. Later, Virender comes to know that Purvi leaves the mansion along with her bag. Virender rushes to Purvi.

Virender thinks that it isn’t supposed to happen, Virender recalls Purvi’s promise that she will leave the mansion if I interrupt her marriage. Virender is trying hard to search Purvi but he doesn’t find her anywhere. Virender burst out of tears and kneels down. But just then a bus moves and he sees Purvi, she is crying either. They both look at each other, Virender asks why is doing all this to me. Purvi replies that she just want to get rid of you, but it is not in her power to get separated from you. Tune in to Colors Tv at 10 PM and watch the complete episode. Stay connected with Social Telecast and never miss any Molkki update.


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