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Molkki Written Update 14th September 2021 Today Episode: Purvi Keeps Fast For Daksh


The all-new episode of Molkki starts with Nani says that she is realising that Daksh wants to get dispose of Dhawni. She says that even she doesn’t want her more along with you. She further says she came to know that Dhwani is Mukhiji’s wife, but now, she wants her for my grandson. Prakashi and Anjali grins and asks Nani to come on the board as we are together in this. Prakashi shakes hands with Nani and asks her to have tea together. Sudha serves tea to everyone and Virender return along with Purvi and Chandni. They both appreciate the village.

Molkki Written Update 14th September 2021 Today Episode Purvi Keeps Fast For Daksh

Nani asks Purvi to go and sleep as tomorrow is Karvachauth, both the girls are astonished hearing Nani’s words . Daksh says that he doesn’t want Dhwani to keep fast for her as the fast is way too hard, but Nani asks Dhwani to keep fast as it is a tradition. Purvi assures Daksh and says she will handle it easily. Meanwhile, Sudha says that a girl can only keep Kavrachaut’s at after marriage and Dhwani isn’t married yet. Nani says you are right but even girls can keep fast for their fiancé’ and asks them to sleep. Virender gets sad after hearing that Purvi will keep fast for Daksh.

While Purvi is going upstairs, she meets kids and going along with them, she turns around and smiles at Virender, he smiles back. Sudha there get gold bangles in Veer’s pocket, she surprisingly looks at her and wonders he might buy these bangles for her as a present of Karvachauth. She thinks that Veer starts developing feelings for her. Sudha keeps the bangles in his pocket again and leaves from there. Daksh comes to Purvi and spends some quality time with her. He says that he will also keep fast for her.

The next morning all the ladies assembled together to complete a ritual of Sargi. Virender is watching everything. Purvi takes Sargi into her room, Priyu is also keeping fast for Veer and vows that she will complete her fast with your hand. Purvi comes to Daksh, but he is sleeping and ask Purvi to eat Sargi herself. Purvi insists, but Daksh didn’t wake up so she comes outside.

Just then Virender comes to her and asks what is she doing here, Purvi tells her everything. Virender asks her don’t worry as he will share tea with her. They both sip tea in the same cup one by one, Virender recalls the old days. Tune in to Colors Tv at 10 PM today and watch the complete episode. Stay connected with Social Telecast and never miss any Molkki Written Update.


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