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Molkki Written Update 29th June 2021 Today’s Episode: Purvi To Elope With Vipul


In the latest episode of Molkki, we will watch that Sakshi asks Virender to take her and Anjali to the market. She says the driver is swamped as he drives Vipul to the Panchayat. Vipul is still in a fix about Sakshi but just then Purvi comes there along with a bowl of turmeric. Vipul gets surprised seeing her he gets pleased seeing the decoration. Virender there is taking Sakshi and Anjali to the market, but Sakshi suddenly asks Virender to stop the car near the community hall. She says that she wants to see the decoration of the community hall.

Molkki Written Update 29th June 2021 Today's Episode: Purvi To Elope With Vipul

They both come to the community hall and Virender asks why they come here. But Sakshi says that she will tell him everything later. Anjali appreciates the decoration, she further says that it seems a grand function is going here. Sakshi smirks and recalls her planning along with Purvi to apply Mehandi to Vipul in front of Virender. Purvi tells Vipul that now, they are going to complete the Haldi ceremony. Just then Sakshi texts Purvi that they have reached. Sakshi further says that they will be there within no time.

Purvi reads the message and dip her hand in Haldi and apply it to Vipul’s cheek and says asks him to apply Haldi on her cheek either. Meanwhile, Virender along with Sakshi and Anjali enter the venue. Vipul happily applies Haldi to Purvi’s cheek. Anjali says they both are looking adorable together. Virender gets furious while Anjali and Sakshi grins. Virender is shocked seeing Purvi doing all that. Virender thinks if Purvi is in love with Vipul. He further thinks that it would be difficult for him to tolerate all this. Vipul and Purvi again apply Haldi to each other. Virender leaves angrily.

Virender returns home and waits for Purvi, he thinks that Purvi has to answer all of his questions. She has to give a reason why she applied Haldi on Purvi’s face. All of a sudden, Virender recalls a note in Purvi’s dirary and wherein it has been written that Virender can do anything to stop her wedding along with Vipul. Virender reads further that Purvi is apologising Virender telling him that she is going to elope with Vipul at 4PM. Virender shockingly sees his watch and thinks he has only 15 minutes left. Tune in to Colors at 10 PM today to watch the complete episode. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for further Molkki Written Episode.


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