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Molkki Written Update 9th Sep 2021 Episode: Virender decices to recall Purvi’s Past


The latest episode of Molkki begins with Virender says it isn’t good to delay in good things. Well, Dhwani is a nice girl too, he says that you are blessed that you get a girl like her. Daksh blushes and Virender gets emotional remembering the old days when he was with Purvi. On another side, Purvi also looks at Virender with interest when Virender sees her. All the past things are revolving in his head. Daksh leaves from there and Purvi looks at Virender while leaving. Virender then decides that she will remind Purvi of her past within 10 days anyhow.


Purvi along with Nani and Chandini are swamped for wedding shopping. While Juhi and Manas are feeling blue seeing all this. Juhi then asks the things get changed when Haathi gets married. Virender there thinks that Purvi will always be mine and he will do everything to stop this marriage. Virender goes to meet the doctor again. The doctor says that Dhwani is suffering from a rare kind of disease. Virender says what if she failed to recall her past would it be dangerous for her.

The doctor then suggests to Virender that if someone tries to recall her past and if she goes to the same places that belong to her past it all can assist her in reviving her memories. The surroundings and the atmosphere can aid Purvi in recalling her past. The doctor further suggests Virender make sure that Purvi doesn’t take much stress it can cause her brain haemorrhage and can lose her life either. So, you should be careful with Purvi.

Nani there goes to attend the call while Juhi and Manas sit along with Purvi. Just then Purvi noticed that he is hiding her earring, Manas says I don’t want Purvi to wear this earring. Purvi asks why are you doing this if I won’t look good with these earrings. Manas says that it isn’t like that, he just doesn’t want her to marry Daksh. Manas runs with Purvi’s earings and Purvi is chasing her. Purvi falls but Virender catches her at the right time. Both the kids smiles looking at them and Purvi and Virender behold each other and get apart from each other. All the viewers can watch the upcoming episode on Colors at 10 PM from Monday to Friday. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for all Molkki Written Episode Update.


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