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Molkki Written Update: Purvi’s Engagement Gets Fixed 15th June 2021 Episode


Hello, all the peers as the drama are enhancing by each episode passing. As the show is going through quite intriguing as Sakshi is finding an appropriate boy for Molkki to get her married. Purvi also gets agreed to get married for Sakshi’s happiness. Well, in some of the recent episodes of Molkki we are watching that Juhi gets agreed with Manas and says that no one can take away Hathi from us. Manas denies letting Purvi go anywhere. Sakshi says that she is here to look after them but Manas says that she isn’t Purvi. He says that no one can replace Purvi.

Molkki Written Update: Purvi's Engagement Gets Fixed 15th June 2021 Episode

Both the kids run inside after arguing with Sakshi. She later thinks that it is quite difficult to replace Purvi. But she further thinks that she has to try once more. Virender also leaves from there. Later, Purvi goes to the kids to make them understand, she says that she has no issue with this marriage and everything is happening with her assent. She says that her marriage would be favourable for all of us. Manas interrupts her and says it wouldn’t be in our favour for sure. Purvi says that you will understand things further. But Manas insists to stay back.

Virender comes to Juhi and Manas and backs Purvi, Virender says you will understand the situation once you have grown up. But Manas says what is wrong in elaborating thing right away. Manas further says that he even want to grow up without Purvi. Manas says they won’t live without Purvi. Virender gets overwhelmed hearing Manas’s words. He says that even Virender can’t live without Purvi. Virender says whatever is happening it will be beneficial for Purvi. Virender says that we have to do all this for Purvi.

Juhi then asks if you will be happy once Purvi will leave all of us. Virender denies and says I have enabled feeling for Purvi’s marriage. Virender says that her happiness lies in Purvi’s happiness. Virender and Purvi look at each other. Manas says that we will agree on Purvi’s marriage but we have 3 conditions that they will meet her whenever they want. Purvi won’t leave this village and she will remain our Hathi forever. Later, the boy decided for Purvi named Gaurav to come to see Purvi for alliance and fixed their engagement. It was all planned by Anjali and Prakashi. Catch the complete episode on Colors Tv today at 10 PM. Never miss any Molkki written update, stay tuned with Social Telecast.


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