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Moon Sua Health Update: What Happened To ASTRO Moonbin Siste


As you already know that famous South Korean Boy Group member Moonbin passed away at the age of 25. And this shocking news circulating and spreading widely all over the internet. This is a shockwave for the entire South Korean entertainment Industry and also for those who love Korean pop and fans of Moonbin. Fans are very saddened and can’t believe that he is no longer with us. However, they also put the blame on the companies that do not take care of the members and pressurised them. We can’t feel what their parents feel. even if he was the person who was loved by everyone and also proud of him for parents their child is always a kid for them. To know more please continue to read.

In fear of the same fate as her brother, people are trying to look after Moon Sua’s health and are investigating any potential illnesses. Moon Sua, a South Korean rapper, singer, MC, and lyricist, is currently signed under MYSTIC Story and is a member of the girl group Billie. which debuted on November 10, 2021, with their first mini-album, The Billage of Perception: Chapter One. People and fans are currently worried for her and for her mental health which was affected because of his brother’s death. Her brother who was Moonbin supposedly committed suicide owing to poor mental health. Apart from this, we will tell you that it is not confirmed yet that Moon Bin committed suicide any confirmation statement does not come in front but we can expect that he committed suicide because he was found dead at his house.

People are attempting to take care of Moon Sua’s health and are looking into any potential ailments out of concern that she would suffer the same fate as her brother. Moon Sua is the younger sister of Moon Bin. After a losing dear brother who was very kind and supportive of her. she is currently in a state of grief. According to the report, she will not perform sometimes. And we can understand that she taking some time for preparing herself to face the reality that she lost his lovely brother.

moon sua health update

Fans and people are getting for her because in South Korea suicide cases increasing and this kind of thing happened before to South Korean idols. They committed suicide because of depression and the pressure of being a perfect idol for others and not let having to live their own life. Jonghun who was a member of Shinee, then Sulli then Moonbin all committed suicide. This kind of thing never happened to other so please be kind to them and also praise them not criticize them. we hope that Moon Sua encourages herself and comes on the stage again. Her brother will be proud of her. May condolence to him and to his family. All people love Moonbin and he always remembers and lives in hearts through his songs and kind behavior.



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