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Motorist Teen, 19, Rennard Castillo Killed In Fiery Fatal Crash


On Boxing Day, the teenager who tragically died when his car collided and caught fire in Ashendon overnight was going to turn 20. Around 7.30 p.m. on Saturday, Rennard Castillo, 19, died in a collision near Canning Dam and Mcness roads. According to authorities, the teenage mechanic’s car ran off the road and caught fire, moving to nearby bushland and starting a small fire that firemen were able to put out. The news has surfaced all over the internet and has brought the attention of everyone. Let us find out more details about it in the article below.

Motorist Teen 19 Rennard Castillo Killed In Fiery Fatal Crash

Motorist Teen, 19, Rennard Castillo Killed

According to reports, Mr. Castillo enjoyed playing basketball and volleyball. Rennard was killed in a terrible traffic collision in Perth’s southeast. Authorities claim that the juvenile mechanic’s car drove off the road, caught fire, and spread to surrounding woods, where it started a small fire that firefighters were able to extinguish. Later this month, when he was due to turn 20, his bereaved family will have to arrange for his burial rather than a party. Together with Mr. Castillo’s friends and classmates, they visited the burned-out location on Sunday and left floral tributes in honor of the young auto enthusiast.

Investigators looking into the fatal collision are looking for witnesses or anybody with information. A passing motorist called the emergency services, but the 19-year-old was unable to be saved. The inquiry is still ongoing. A young technician was killed in a tragic crash, leaving a grieving Perth family searching for answers. Police asked that anybody with information about the incident or who observed the collision phone Crime Stoppers at 1-800-333-TIPS.

Rennard Castillo would have turned 20 on Boxing Day. However, his family’s Christmas will be spent planning his funeral. Castillo’s Filipino family said that he was an enthusiastic basketball and volleyball player and that they had recently moved to Perth. But he cherished his automobile the most. On social media, tributes to the young mechanic poured in.

Later this month, when he would have turned 20, his distraught family will instead have to organize his funeral rather than a party. On Sunday, they paid a visit to the burned-out area with Mr. Castillo’s friends and classmates and laid flowers in memory of the young auto enthusiast. Everyone who knew Castillo is saddened to learn about his passing and is coming forward and expressing their heartfelt tributes to him. Follow Social Telecast for more updates. Stay tuned with us!


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