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Mr And Mrs Chinnathirai Season 3 Elimination Episode 25th July 2021: Five Sense Test Round Winner


The most enthusiastic game show of Star Vijay Television called Mr. & Mrs. Chinnathirai is ready to make you surprised once again, through the upcoming episode in which numerous twists are going to take place. That will create obstacles for them but could be proven beneficial as well because many speculations are arriving forward to the audience. Who wants to catch all details, so below we are mentioning all essential details regarding the activities which would happen in the 25th July 2021’s episode. Get to know more check the pieces of information below along with eliminations updates as well.

Vijay TV Mr & Mrs Chinnathirai 3 Elimination Episode 25th July 2021: Five Sense Test Round Winner

The recent episode will begin where you will watch that the contestants will continue the same game as we have streamed in the previous episode. Where rest of the contestants will come on the stage, and as same the hosts will make them blindfold so that, they can not even see anything. Because they only have to recognize the things through the touching and describe them as well. Therefore, again they will put a few jars in front of the contestants, and asks them to touch or elaborate to them. Their explanation seems hilarious because the way they describe will giggle you for sure.

The makers have decided to release the promo before telecasting so that the suspense can tie the audience because everyone wants to know a glance of activities. So that, they can make their curiosity reduce a bit because the show is a stress reliever and helps us to make our stress reduce somewhere. Therefore everyone would like to know the information’s about the coming episode because still, some hours are pending in telecast. So therefore the makers liberate promos before the real-time of the telecast, uncounted fans have watched it and you can also watch to know the glimpse.

As we have watched in the previous promo that when host Archana announced the task the curiosity and excitement of the contestants had gone at their peak. Because it seemed amazing but when they start playing it, the task took the hilarious face as no one expected. Because it made entertain audience up to the next level, because of which, the viewers could not stop their laugh. But if someone missed it so the makers have set the alternate that you can watch it on the OTT platform as well anytime anywhere. So do not miss to watch it at the right time and for more details connect with us.


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