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Ms Sun Death And Obituary: Chinese Trapeze Artist Ms Sun Video Viral


Today we are going to share some bad news with you. This news is viral on the internet vastly. The most famous celebrity Ms Sun has died. Yes, you can hear right. Ms Sun Chinese Acrobat died during a performance. The incident is captured and viral on social media. The audience is very shocked when they saw that she has died. People were very curious to know more. What has the incident happened with Ms Sun? How has she died during the performance? We have to share all the information with you about his death. Scroll up to read more in detail.

According to the reports, all the people were scared after seeing this incident. A recorded her performance and suddenly this incident was captured. She was performing a risky activity with her husband. No one has no idea that this accident happened. Their fans are very shocked after hearing this news. She was the best performer. She does this performance for many years. She knows that this performance is so risky but she does very well. All the people love her. Because she all time entertains people with her risky performance.

Ms Sun Death And Obituary

According to the reports, This incident happened on a Saturday night during her performance. The show was at Coachella in California. She was performing with his husband, Zhang Moumou. During the performance, she did not check his safety belt before the performance and she fell down on the floor.

The LocalĀ  Cultural and Tourism Department said that they will not approve this performance to act in the first place. They also said that we can see a historical film ‘The Paper’. In this movie, the actor and the actress do this same stunt at a high elevation and they both are trusted each other.

According to the information, the investigation is going into this accident. This incident is handled by the police of China. This show is hosted by Anhui Yaxi. The court charged $7,000 from Performing Art Media because they did not take permission to host this show. When she fell down on the floor immediately she took into the hospital but the doctor said she was no more. This is extremely shocking news for their family. She lost his life during the performance. She has no idea about this incident. Their family is very depressed. Their family lost her. Here we can share all the information with you about this accident. Follow for more updates.


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