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Munda Hi Chahida On TV (World Television Premiere) Date Time Channel Name


One of the best Punjabi films of the last year is coming this September on PTC Punjabi. Yeah! You caught it right, we’re talking about Munda Hi Chahida, the film released in July 2019. The movie has performed pretty well on the box office and now the fans are excited once again for the World Television Premiere of Munda Hi Chahida in September 2020.

Munda Hi Chahida is a comedy film. The concept of the Punjabi Film Munda Hi Chahida is quite well and that time also it has attracted a massive audience. The screenplay of the film is really remarkable. Just like the film has performed at the time of its release, the same is expected for this Television Premier too. Munda Hi Chahida is a family film and there’s nothing that you cannot watch with your parents or children.

Munda Hi Chahida

Munda Hi Chahida storyplay is quite interesting and we hope that you all will again shower lots of love. The Punjabi drama is directed by Santosh Subhash Thite and Deepak Thaper. Neeru Bajwa, the co-producer of Munda Hi Chahida and is released under the production banner of Shri Narotam Ji Films. Harish Verma and Rubina Bajwa are in the lead roles of the film, Munda Hi Chahida.

The directions, the screenplay, and the editing work of Munda Hi Chahida, no doubt, everything is just perfect. The ones who didn’t have watch this movie, we’re pretty sure that you all gonna love Munda Hi Chahida. Apart from Harish Verma and Rubina Bajwa, there are Jatinder Kaur and Pawan Johal shown in the lead roles.

As the movie has already been released a year ago, there are some parameters where Munda I Chahida gone weak and are- Weak Production work, Cinematography is also just okayish, and Principal Photography was also not that effective. But overall, Munda Hi Chahida worth a watch. The background of the film was entirely composed by Sandeep Saxena. Each one, that is somehow part of the movie, but all their efforts to make it a hit. Till now, the date hasn’t confirmed and once it will, we’ll let you know the date and time of the same.


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