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Mursal Nabizada Police Ex-Afghan Female Lawmaker, Guard Shot Dead at Home


It is very sad to share that a former Afghan female lawmaker and her bodyguard died in a fatal gunshot and this news is getting a lot of attention on the internet. This terrible incident was taken place overnight at her home in the capital, Kabul. There are so many people who share their responses to this terrible incident. Here in this article, we are going to discuss why this incident occur and also talk about some other information related to this incident so read this article continuously.


As per the exclusive reports and information, Mursal Nabizada was a former lawmaker in the Afghan parliament before the takeover of the Taliban. Police stated that she died at her home on Sunday 15 January 2023 at around 3:00 am in the same room and her one bodyguard also passed away in this incident. The police didn’t release any information about this incident and police said that a security guard was also injured, along with her brother. The suspect is not verified who killed them both and the police are ongoing their investigation and collecting some more shreds of evidence. There is not much information is coming forward related to this terrible incident of the fatal shooting.

Who Is Mursal Nabizada?

She was one of the few former lawmakers to stay in Afghanistan later in America and other military were under the control of the country after hardline conservative Taliban militants. In 2019, She was elected to represent Kabul and stayed in office until the takeover of the Taliban.

The investigation still searching for the killer who kills them and the polices continues their investigation to get some more information. She was on the first floor of her home which is used as her office by her. We will update our article after getting any information related to this terrible incident and share it in our article.

She was known as a member of the parliamentary defense commission and also worked at a non-governmental group in the private sector which is the Institute for Human Resources Development and Research. This news gathered a lot of attention from the people but the killer who killed them is not identified yet.

The police didn’t reveal much information related to this terrible incident and there is not much information available about this shooting incident. There are various cases coming out related to this kind of incident in our every life. Stay tuned to sociatelecast.com to read more articles related to other news topics of the daily world.


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