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My Hero Academia MHA Chapter 324 Release Date Preview Spoilers Alert


Japanese animated films that are popularly known as, anime, has garnered a huge fanbase in such a short time. Whether it’s anime or manga, the spectators enjoy the beyond imagination concepts and creative storyline. Well, one such series titled “My Hero Academia” has gained huge popularity too. Written and illustrated by Kōhei Horikoshi, the series revolves around Izuku Midoria who has been struggling to become the mightiest hero on the planet. The creators have released 323 chapters so far and, now, the fans are anticipating the release of Chapter 324. Here’s everything we know about this.

my hero academia chapter 324

As mentioned that Izuku desires to be the most powerful being on the planet, he gets support from classmates. Though there are some evil powers who always try to come his way by dragging him down. Previously, it was shown that the civilians finally accepted Deku. The readers will witness an interesting story in the next chapter. Yes, chapter 324 will be titled “A Teenager’s request”. It will begin from Uraraka’s speech while the civilians will take a glimpse at Deku who would be looking tired. Later, the woman who had come ahead will state how she was saved by Deku.

The woman will further add that after saving her, Deku had gone ahead to fight those villains as well. While she was talking, a man will stand up and question if they have to fill themselves in blood and mud. Uraraka will answer that currently, Deku is tired and seems weak as well so he will be taking some rest. After a while, Uraraka will wonder if the heroes will get scared like the civilians, who will save them. Thinking the same, Uraraka asks the civilians to keep supporting Deku and adds that despite being a high schooler, Deku is doing his best.

Uraraka’s speech will make Deku emotional and he will fall on his knees and start crying. Deku will mention that this might be the moment when he becomes the powerful hero. However, these are just MHA 324 spoilers and might not be that accurate. My Hero Academia chapter 324 will be released on August 29, 2021, according to the region you are currently in. Though the English translation might get released later. As per the Japanese Standard Time (JST), the new chapters generally are premiered at Midnight. Stay tuned with Social Telecast to get the latest and exclusive updates of upcoming characters of MHA and other anime and manga series.


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