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Naagin 6 Today’s Episode 6th August 2022 Pratah Performs Tandav For Rishabh


Hello, all the entertainemnt enthusiasts, finally your favorite and highly anticipated TV drama “Naagin 6” is set to make you feel over the top as the 6th August 2022 episode brings the high voltage twist and turns that will overturn the entire story of the show. As Pratha is looking ahead to destroy Mehak and Urvashi and now the secret of Jwala Maa has also come in front of her in short, the numerics of her enemies are getting enhanced as time is passing. Therefore, her further journey will be more arduous enough than her expectation.

Naagin 6

Meanwhile, Mehak goes to make Urvashi familiar with her recent circumstance as she has lost all of her power as “Shesh Naagin”; therefore, she asks her to find a way so that she could get the sigh and continue her revenge on Pratha because she has back. Therefore, Urvashi makes her sure that as long as she is here, Pratha could not do anything and this is the reason, she thinks to call “Yati” so that, he could attack Pratha and kill her because a Naagin could come under the control of him, so, therefore, she sends him to Pratha.

On the other hand, Pratha decides to perform “Tandav” in front of lord Shiva so that, she could get her love “Rishabh” back as she has come to know that he was innocent enough. Only Mehak and Urbashi portrayed him wrong in front of her. Because they do not want to see him with Pratha happily this is the reason, they create a trap while trapping Rishabh because they know very well that he is an easy target and the most eligible person to destroy Pratha. Even she accuses them of the murderer of him as well because they did all those things which were eating Rishabh from inside.

Meanwhile, Yati enters the temple where Pratha is going to perform Tandav along with the other Naagins, and spontaneously he starts attacking them in such a manner, that no one could live. But, Pratha shows some courage and comes in front of him for retaliating and says that if he wants to destroy them so first of all he will have to fight with her. Then she gets into a fight with Yati and meanwhile asks the Naagins to leave the place before it’s too late. So do not miss streaming it on Colors and for more details stay tuned with us


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