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Naagin 6 Today’s Written Update Episode 5th March 2023 Pratha Turns Into Havoc


Finally, the weekend is here along with the fresh broadcasting of your favorite and highly anticipated TV drama “Naagin 6” as the Sunday, 5th of March 2023 episode is bringing the high voltage drama along with such activities which will make you feel overwhelmed because the doors of Naaglok has been closed for some upcoming years and therefore, Prathna will have to wait if she wants to go to her world and therefore, currently, she is going through such a shocking period because she did not expect it to have occurred and therefore, she is now heading to get the answers of her further queries.

Naagin 6 Written Episode

Meanwhile, Prathna comes to know about the location where all answers to her queries are hidden and therefore if she wants to get all of them so once she will have to reach there. Because before her enemies get acquainted with all this she should do all these in a quite sagacious manner because no one can predict who is keeping their eyes on her activities, in the past few years, she generated huge enmity with her enemies and therefore, they always have the tendency to kill her and therefore, they do not take their steps back.

At the same time, she turns furious and it directly affects nature as earthquake and havoc with the great wind takes place which indicates that someone “Mahashakti” is in anger and ruining the places and therefore, the priest of the temple rushes to save himself while hiding behind the cave which is located opposite to the Shiva temple. As he prays for everyone’s safety because these circumstances did not leave by nature it has generated by someone who is holding the ability to set the atmosphere on the fire. So therefore, now only Bholenath can save them as he is their last hope of them.

After a few hours, she reaches the temple and starts complaining to lord Bholenath about all such circumstances she had faced in the past because she had not have any fault in all these, and in spite of this, she is going through punishment as in the condition of having a baby in her womb and therefore, now she can not go to her original world even can not enter among the humans as she has left her house even there is no Raghubeer of anyone else. So do not miss watching it on Colors TV and for more details stay tuned with us, do follow Social Telecast.


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