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Naagin 6 Written Update 14th August 2022 Episode Pratha Gets Into A Trouble


Hello, all the Naagin lovers, finally your patience has over as the makers drop the fresh broadcasting to make you feel over the top, as the 14th August 2022 episode is bringing the high voltage drama along with those unexpected activities which will definitely push into the dig of great discussion. Because finally, Mehak is ready to execute her lethal plan against Pratha and her co-Naagins so that, she could not complete her worship to get the powers back and she can easily attack her. But amid all these, she decided to take the help of her pawns, so that if something happens opposite to their plan so they will pay first.

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Meanwhile, Mehak leaves the place for her worship and at the same time, Urvashi tries to divert Pratha’s attention so that, she could not see Mehak therefore, as soon as Pratha sees Urvashi she starts following her because she made her daughter hidden. Therefore, when she catches her she tries to kill Urvashi but spontaneously, Mehak comes there and asks Pratha to leave Urvashi otherwise she will not give her daughter to her. Pratha gets shocked to hear her statement that her daughter is still alive and remains hostage under their hand.

Then, Pratha leaves Urvashi and asks Mehak to bring her there because she wants to meet her as soon as possible. Mehak says fine and orders her to follow then they reach a cave where Mehak set the trap with the help of “Vish-Ganga” therefore, as soon as she enters in she drops the trap on her which becomes the cause of her helplessness. Because she started losing her powers under the influence of the trap as Mehak mentions that it is containing the ability to kill a Naagin too, so, therefore, now the chapter of Pratha is about to get closed.

At the same time, Urvashi expresses her joy and says that now everything has been overturned upside down as Mehak has turned into the “Shesh Naagin” and is able to take any kind of avatar to create the obstacle for her enemies. Meanwhile, Pratha begs them to release her but they do not prefer her and say that they are closing the entrance of the cave unless she gets died. After closing the door they leave the place and say that now no one will come to help her. So do not miss streaming it on Colors at the correct time and for more details stay tuned with us.


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