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Naagin 6 Written Update 14th May 2022 Today’s Episode: Urvashi Turns Into Maha-Asur


Hello, all the Naagin lovers, finally the weekend has arrived along with the fresh broadcasting of your favorite TV drama “Naagin Season 6” as the 14th May 2022 episode is bringing a high voltage drama along with some anticipating activities which will make you feel over the top. As Pratha is set to reveal the real side of Seema because she is just pretending to be a mother of Rishabh while the things are totally different behind her nice gesture. As the real mother of Rishabh has told Pratha and in the past few days, she observed her gestures as well.

Naagin 6 Written Update 14th May 2022 Today's Episode: Urvashi Turns Into Maha-Asur

The coming episode begins where Urvashi is going to come in her original avatar as a dragon, and therefore, she wants to kill Pratha as soon as possible because once she will kill her then she will get the tag of the most powerful demon in the world. Hence, she is plotting something big with Seema as both have the same motto to kill her as soon as they can because Pratha is the one who is hanging on their neck as a sword and at any moment can cut their neck, so, therefore, before its too late they will have to kill her.

Naagin 6 Written Update Episode 14 May

Meanwhile, Urvashi aka “Icchadhari Dragon” brings another demon too as she asks “Icchadharri Peacock” with her by giving her an order to keep her eyes on each activity of Pratha. Because as far as they are concerned Naagin is only afraid of peacocks and mongooses. So hence, unless she arranges for him she will have to do everything while managing everything from all four corners. Because they do not want to take even a single chance with Pratha because Mehak is also with her, and therefore both are stronger when it comes to battle together.

In the previous episode as the viewers have streamed, Mehak blackmailed Pratha for revealing her truth in front of Rishabh as she wants to make themselves separate at any cost. Because she has fallen in love with Rishabh as well, and therefore at any moment does not want to leave him. But this time, everything has been overturned by Urbashi and Morni as they are going to kill her at any cost. So, therefore, many untold facts are coming to grace the show, as the demons are coming out as time is passing. So do not miss streaming it on Colors at the correct time and for more details stay tuned with us.


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