Home Entertainment Naagin 6 Written Updates 4th March 2023 Episode Naaglok Closes The Doors

Naagin 6 Written Updates 4th March 2023 Episode Naaglok Closes The Doors


Hello, all the Naagin 6 enthusiasts, finally the weekend is here along with the fresh broadcasting of your favorite and highly anticipated show, as the Saturday, 4th March 2023 episode is bringing the high voltage drama along with some activities which will make you feel overwhelmed as the Naaglok is eagerly waiting to get their SheshNaagin in their world because no one would like to be ignorant of her appearance and therefore, everyone is looking forward to seeing her but due to such circumstances Prathna is having to face the troubles which are totally out of her control and tension-rich as well.

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Meanwhile, Prathna is going through such situations which are continuously making the circumstances tricky as the person has made her acquainted with something mysterious and therefore, she would not like to leave them alone at any cost because things are continuously getting messed up and therefore, she will have to do something before its too late, as she can not take even a single chance with the human lives who are innocent and do not know anything about the situation so therefore if someone kills them so it will be highly inappropriate and she can let it happen.

Thus, Prathna leaves the place with the person who made her aware of the situation in a certain manner and this is the reason, he brings her to the painting which is indicating everything that how the “Amrit-Manthan” occurred and a few demons remained there who are bothering the human life and this is the reason, initially, her mother Pratha was taking to revenge to them and now, she is having the pressure to remain her legacy while saving them and thus, she denies to go to the Naaglok unless her work gets wrapped up and hence she leaves the main door of her world.

At the same time, something mysterious happens in the Naaglok and thus spontaneously they would have to close the main door of the entrance in short, now the gate has been locked for a few upcoming years and thus, Prathna will have to wait for a long to enter. Now, it will be interesting to watch whether will Prathna try something to enter or not because she is pregnant and going to give birth to her child and therefore, she is not ready to take even a single chance at any cost. So stay tuned with us to know more and do follow Social Telecast.


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