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Naagin Season 6 Full 1st April 2023 Written Update: Prathna Sees Her Lookalike


We are back again to share a written update on Naagin’s season 6 show, this show is one of the most popular shows. This show generates a massive amount of fans around the world who want to know some more information related to this show. The writers of this season of this show are Mrinal Jha, Heena Kohli Khan, and Laxmi Jaikumar and this season is directed by Ranjan Kumar Singh. This shows gained a lot of love and popularity from its first season and now running its sixth season of this show. In this article, we shared the written update of this show and also talk about some more details.

Naagin Season 6 Full 1st April 2023 Written Update

This upcoming episode of this began with an argument between Raghu and Prathana and he says to her powers are useless today because her father is stood front of her and a father never gives up without grabbing and taking his things. On this, she replies that s mother is always considered a lioness and she will never let go of her child from her. She says to Raghu you snathes my daughter on that night and a mother lost against a wife, so I snatched back the lost girls. Scroll down to know what happened next.

Naagin Season 6 1st April 2023 Written Update

In the continued conversation, she says to him that it is the same night and everything will happen to same but there is a small change on today’s night that she can’t snatches my daughter again and also says that she will not lose her daughter again. Raghu says to her that he will go on his way with his daughter that she replies you are my husband and I am your wife, so lets we divide everything equally, she also says you took me far away from my daughter, and now it’s your time you will spend five years without his daughter and she bore the pain.

Later the end of the conversation, she took back her daughter to Jeetveer ji’s house and ask to stay at their’s home for some days. She explained everything to Jeetveer’s family about how she lost her daughter and how she got back her daughter. Now she decided that she will never lose he daughter again and there is a conversation that begins between Mehar and Prathana. This promo is available on Youtube and fans can also enjoy this complete promo. Stay tuned to socialtelecast.com to get more articles on exciting news topics.


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