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Naagin Season 6 Written Update 9th April 2023: Mrignaini’s Conspiracy


Hello readers and viewers here we are again to come to give you the latest update on the ongoing most top-rated show on Colors Naagin season 6. We tell you what will happen on today’s episode of Naagin season 6 of 9th April 2023 latest written update. In Today’s episodes, scenes start with the Prathna leaving the room meanwhile Mrit and Naina look at each other with a smile. Prathna thinks that she has to go to the Naag Mahal for saving her daughter.

In another scene, we see that Mrit goes to the lab where her clone tells her that their plan is going to work successfully and tells her that Prathna definitely will go to Naag Mahal where King Takasha will get keeled over her beauty and will try to take her instead of helping her.

Naagin Season 6: Mrignaini’s Conspiracy

Prathna enters the Naag Mahal with encourages herself that she has to do this because of her daughter. Then she enters Naag Mahal ad sees King Takasha in a frozen state. Prathna uses her powers for freeing King Takasha from a frozen state. The snakes start moving and King Takashi comes into human form and takes steps closer to Prathna while telling her that he knows that she would come with her beauty. Prathana takes steps backward and tells that she only came for help.

After then they come out from the Naag Mahal and start fighting. for Saving herself Prathna starts fighting with  King Takasha. Prathna gets shocked when she realizes that King Takasha binds her using a special rope. After Raghu enters the scene and fights with King Takasha for saving Prathna from him. He also fails to kill King Takasha. Both Prathna and Raghu could not kill him. Then the scene shifts to King Takasha who laughs like crazy. Both Raghu and Prathna get surprised when he revealed his boon.

King Takasha revealed that he has gotten the boon of not dying with Mans and women’s hands. Meanwhile, Prathna said to Raghu to untie her fast and obey her. we have to become one to defeat King Takasha. Raghu understands what she is saying and they form in giant Naag into a five-headed snake. Afterward, they again into their human form revealing them to be Ardhnarishwar. The current track of Naagin 6 revolves around, Prarthna realizing that someone in the Gujral mansion has joined hands with her clone. For more updates on the latest episodes of Naagin 6 stay tuned to this website.


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