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Nagaland Sambad Morning Lottery Result 17-7-2021 Announces At 11:55 AM


Hello, all the money makers, we hope that you all are ready to make some more dough with the upcoming jackpot of Nagaland Morning Lottery. One of the beautiful North-Eastern states is gearing up for its next wonderful morning jackpot that just dazzles the life of all the people who invest their luck and money in it. One of the highly flourished money-making games is all on its way to make you moneyed. So, don’t overthink and waste time and don’t waste this chance to be a rich person either. Get all the further information regarding Nagaland Morning Lottery Result here.

Nagaland Sambad Morning

So, today is the day for Nagaland Dear Gentle Morning Lottery that is coming to make all of its winners wealthy with its highly lucrative regulations. It is considered one of the government-approved gambling games. It is also one of the most popular and biggest cash flows wherein zillions of people participate and go forward to making its fortune. The game gained enormous popularity among all the people of the state and many people is trying to make their wealth through it.

Nagaland Sambad Result

Well, another prominent reason behind this popularity is its colossal winning prize. It is rewarding the first winner of the lottery with a splendid money prize of Rs 26 Lakhs. As far as we concern the 2nd and 3rd prize is set to Rs 9,000 and Rs 500. While the 4th and 5th winning prizes are Rs 250 and Rs 120 respectively. Along with significant money prizes, it is also providing a consolation prize of Rs 1,000.

Well, Nagaland Lottery Department is going to announce Dear Gentle Morning Result at 11:50 AM whereas the complete result will be published by 12:30 PM. Check the complete result carefully and claim for the reward by the book.

  • 1st prize: Rs 26 Lakhs
  • Cons prize: Rs 9,500/-
  • 2nd prize: Rs 9,000/-
  • 3rd prize: Rs 500/-
  • 4th prize: Rs 250/-
  • 5th prize: Rs 120/-

Along with these regular weekly lotteries, the state government also keeps drawing the bumper lottery to just double the wealth of all the people of the state on special occasions. While coming to these weekly lotteries a total of three jackpots withdraws by the authority. Apart from the morning, it also conducts a day and an evening lottery. We remind all the people who are waiting for the result to check the result at 11:50 AM. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest Nagaland Morning Lottery Results.



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