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Nagaland State Lottery 23-6-2022 Today’s Result Announces At 08:00 PM


Hello, all the money makers, finally the Nagaland State Lottery Department is set to make the aspirants acquainted with the result of 23rd June 2022 at 08:00 pm “Dear Falcon Evening”. Which you all were impatiently waiting for, so just be ready to get the accurate result while getting the result. Because the lottery is holding the ability to overturn the destiny of an aspirant who will win the prize money. But besides all these, initially, you must be keen to get the accurate pieces of vital information along with the steps to reach your destination, below you could get everything you need to know.

Nagaland State Lottery Evening Lottery Result

The Nagaland State permits to buy or sell lotteries under their province as it provides a  golden chance to the civilians to make their normal life into luxury. Therefore, uncounted people try their luck in legal gambling because only this is the shortest way to earn money easily without putting your hard work into anything. Therefore, whenever the state unleashes the lotteries the slots get full because nowadays, everyone would like to get the tag of richest one. So this is the reason, the draw is remaining the hit discussion among everyone especially those who brought the tickets.

Lottery:- 23rd June 2022 “Dear Falcon Evening”

When we talk about the process of this legal gambling, so the authorities unleashed them into the three methods every day, the first draw takes place at 11:55 am, the second occurs at 04:00 PM and the last one takes place at 08:00 PM. But a thing is similar that the prize money is holding the same amount. Therefore, you do not need to worry about all these, but before checking the result you must be keen to make keen to know the steps and prize list.

Prize List:-

  • 1st prize: Rs 25 Lacs
  • Cons. prize: Rs 1,000/-
  • 2nd prize: Rs 9,000/-
  • 3rd prize: Rs 500/-
  • 4th prize: Rs 250/-
  • 5th prize: Rs 120/-

These days, money would be the first priority of someone, and therefore, uncounted aspirants daily find the shortest way to earn the immense money mountain which could not be ended. Because only money is having the ability to overturn everything upside down while turning everything into the sumptuous. Therefore, whenever draws come out it sets the fire among everyone, so you could check the result while visiting the official portal. Because the Nagaland State Lotteries always make an update there, so without getting afraid just check your result, and for more details stay tuned with us.


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