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Namak Issk (Ishq) Ka 22nd July 2021 Written Episode Update: Satya Insults Yug’s Family


Let’s get the latest written episode of Colors & Voot Serial Namak Issk (Ishq) Ka of 22nd July 2021. It begins with Yug feeling relieved after looking at Satya. He asks her where was she to which she answers that she went to the hospital. Yug pulls her into a tight hug. Satya thinks that somehow she has become part of Iravati’s lies and she will not leave any moment to lie to save herself. On another side, the family of the groom reaches to see Juhi. Rupa goes to bring Juhi while Saroj greets everyone and welcomes them into the house.

Namak Issk (Ishq) Ka 22nd July 2021 Written Episode Update: Satya Insults Yug's Family

Juhi and the groom Aman talk to each other and smile while Iravati looks at Aman’s mother and passes a smirk. The woman questions Saroj about the daughter-in-law. She lies saying she had some urgent piece of work so she went. Saroj adds that they might reach here anytime soon. The woman taunts Saroj saying that she has heard that their daughter-in-law is famous for causing problems. Saroj stays silent.

She asks what could be more important than their sister’s marriage. Meanwhile, Satya and Yug enter just then. Satya tells the lady that they went to bring gifts.¬†Satya gives the woman gifts and asks to take care of them well as it’s very expensive. Then, she asks about Gunjan and says that the girl always manages to follow her husband. In the next scene, Kahani tries to send Yug a message asking for help.

She writes that Iravati has locked her in the basement and asks him to save her as soon as he sees the message. Gunjan comes and sees Kahani using her phone. She snatches the phone from Kahani. The latter begs and asks her to free her as she has not done anything to her. Gunjan tells Kahani that she has snatched Yug from her so she has to pay for it. Kahani cries and prays to God that Yug checks her message.

Later, Gunjan goes to meet the groom’s family. Satya introduces her to the family and tells them that she is Gunjan who loves to roam around her husband. Next, Satya dances like a bar dancer in front of the groom’s daily. Saroj gets angry seeing her while Yug tries to stop her. Satya tells them that she just wants them to know that she used to be a bar dancer. The groom’s family calls off the alliance and announces that they can’t marry a girl who belongs to such kind of family. Follow for more Namak Issk Ka written updates.


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