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Nancy Ullu Web Series Full Episode Online Check Actress Name Wiki Biography


The popular Indian on-demand streaming Platform Ullu never fails to garner the attention of the spectators through its astonishing content. The app delivers a sensational web series almost every week and entertains the viewers. Presently, the app is all set to entertain the audiences with another new series titled, “Nancy”. The trailer of the said series has been dropped by the makers on YouTube on August 20, 2021, and has gotten more than 5 lakh views along with plenty of comments. Let’s get the details of this upcoming series such as release date, star cast, actress name, and plot.

Nancy Ullu Web Series Episode

Amrita Nangia is portraying the main character in the series and is the lead actress. Talking about the storyline, it is reportedly inspired by a true story of a girl going by the same name. The story revolves around the lead character and her husband named Vivek who is a struggling actor and auditions almost every day. Despite giving his utmost performance, Vivek doesn’t get any role and seems frustrated. Vivek complains about how these people who don’t even know anything about acting get in charge of taking auditions. Nancy feels bad seeing her husband going through a hard struggling time.

However, Vivek’s hardships pay off as he gets a role. Nancy’s friend also inquires about it. She confirms the news and states that though he has gotten work now, she has heard the actors are paid after three months. Nancy states that she wants to help her husband financially and thinking of working in a parlour as it would help her earn some money. Nancy’s friend tells her that she knows a way that can pay her much better and that she won’t be able to make much in the parlour. Later, her friend takes her to the spa where she comes to know that the place is used for sexual activities.

Nancy regrets her decision to come there but she gets stunned when her husband doesn’t mind her going there and earning money while pressurizes her as well. Now, what will Nancy do? Will she be able to escape her destiny? The interesting Ullu web series “Nancy” will be released on August 24, 2021. The viewers would be able to easily stream on the mentioned app. Apart from the actress Amita Nangia, the series features Imran Khan, Charu Kadariya, Sonia, Rahul Vats, and Pritti Chestta in other crucial roles. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for further information.


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