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Meet Natalie Germanos, One Of The Famous Commentator Woman With Worldwide Fame


Hello, all the people so one of the renowned commentators named Natalie Germanos is gaining ground with her incredible talent. She is considered as one of the notable cricket commentators of numerous National and International cricket games. As commentator is getting much popularity all the people are getting curious about her. However, Germanos did not limit herself to cricket only but she even presents the Olympics. Apart from that she even enhances and explores various fields and is involved in all of them. Get more information regarding the multi-talented personality Natalie Germanos.

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As we mentioned above that Germanos is one of the significant names when it comes to cricket commentary. She has covered many matches with some other famous cricket commentators. As we mentioned above she doesn’t limit her talent to cricket commentary instead she explores many other fields as she also covered the matches of other sports including tennis, netball, football, and much more. She is one of the vital faces in the sports world and soon will get a Wikipedia page. She has served 16 years of his life in the field and she is highly dedicated to SABC radio and television coverage of Proteas cricket.

If we talk about the commentator she is 56 years old and was born in Johannesburg. She is fond of cricket since she was 11 years of her age. She also used to play cricket along with her brother. As her family is also cricket enthusiasts, Germano got complete support from her family and it is also considered as the prominent reason behind her deep interest in the game. Even after having such an immense interest in cricket, she would have chosen Volleyball as her career instead of cricket said by the sports enthusiasts in one of her statements.

The sports admiral also disclosed that she is an excellent volleyball player and used to be a part of Vortex Volleyball in 2007. There isn’t much available regarding her personal life. It is still unclear whether the commentator is married or not. She has an active Instagram account wherein she keeps posting the activities of her daily life. She has 3096 followers on Instagram. Anyone the readers want to know more about her can simply follow her through her Instagram account.

Germanos is also interested in photography if you explore her official Instagram you will get some adorable wildlife photography. We will get back to you with more information on Natalie Germanos. Stay connected with Social Telecast and never miss an update.


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